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hmm.. san diego looks a lot like the jerzee shore, etc.

so i finally spent some quality time with the tivo to find out what I was missing during my UK jaunt. the biggest question I found myself with was when did RW San Diego get so good??? And of course by good I mean good in the standards of reality television (ie: none). But still... I mean... people were getting arrested left and right, and everyone was imbibing and getting bounced and inappropriatly canoodling all in the span of one evening! It actually kind of resembled my study abroad semester in Italy if it had been televised, come to think of it.. except with fewer albanians and more handcuffs.

Hands down favorite cast member has to be Jacquese How did I end up living with these crazy people???. Good times.. good times.

In other hit or miss reality fare:
till death do us part: carmen and dave was a BIG miss (and a mess), if you ask me. Dave Navarro... why why why? You wear too much gucci and you have pubic hair on your face. Just GET OFF THE TV NOW. Image of cool rockstar shattered....

RW/RR Challenge: the Inferno has a def. hit potential, except that there are way way way too many people from Real World Paris (Real YAWN Paris) on it. Did I really need to see CT wearing a pink thong? That's just wicked bad. No matter how it turns out, the preview show was enough to entertain me for weeks, namely the Trashelle/Coral/The Miz triangle. Ouch.