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if he can be sober, maybe anyone can....?

nora: anything exciting going on tonight?
a boy: trying to figure that out
a boy: : lets get drunk somewhere
nora: ok
nora: drunk is good i think
a boy: it's always fun drinking with you
a boy: I need to go hom after work
nora: okaay
a boy: where do you want to meet up?
nora:i dunno
a boy: haha
a boy: ok then, where do you feel like going?
nora: hmmmm
nora: booze
nora: :-)
nora: i don't know
a boy: ok, I;ll call you when I get home and we can figure something out

i think i'm becoming a bit limited... vocabulary-wise and possibly all-around. BUT LOOK, i am cleaning the bathroom this weekend! Or I think something bad will happen to me...