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Since becoming a TiVO owner this fall, I have basically started to watch a lot of crap crap crap. One of my personal favorites would have to be cheesy reality TV shows (yes I did view Trista and Ryans pepto bismal nightmare of a wedding...). Tonight the program of choice (after we watched a teaserific episode of the Gauntlet):

Average Joe: Hawaii

Emily and I have our money on Brian, if only because he said "wicked pissah" within the first minute that he was featured on the show. We're suckers for any show (reality especially), which feature guys with boston accents (re: CT, Real World Paris). Phuc is another favorite of ours. I'll give you one guess as to why.

So blah blah blah the girl is all shocked, the guys are not hot (unlike the Jared Leto clone that they first taunt her with). Then they have a dinner party and there is some geeky guy named David who dances around like a spastic monkey and so on and so forth and then she has to send four guys home. Wow what tough choices...

First eliminated: CJ.. who appears to have herpes (or a herpe? what's the singular for herpes? a herpi?) on his lip. Oh well, no big loss there.
Second: Robert, who strongly resembles our friend Seth if he mated with Adam Sandler. Too bad for you Robert.
Third: awww... the reality version of my friend Chris Pompadour (not his real last name). He says he has a good heart. I think he had good hair, but not much more going for him. Ya gotta love a guy who tries to work the pomp.
Fourth: Matt aka: butter teeth. As Emily said "Kid never had any flouride..."

My personal favorite upcoming scene: a dodge ball game between topless abercrombie models and the average joes. reality tv can be so cruel.