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no one wanted to go out tonight.
"it's too cold!"

what they fail to realize is, when you have no heat in your bedroom, the ideal thing to do is go out to bar where it is warm and get a guy to take you home to his apartment that is actually HEATED. i'll have to explain this to them i guess.

i digress.. do you think it would be a good or bad idea to get a t-shirt that says "my girlfriend will kill me" on it. or "your girlfriend will kill you"... seeing as how I don't have a girlfriend.

In other exciting news, Mr. Misty is Dairy Queen's husband. How much longer until I get to go see The Killers?

And finally, Joana got me tickets to see The Shins @ Bowery on Friday before they sold out. Now if only she can remember what day it is today, we are all set.