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In every issue of Jane Magazine there is a "Dear Man" section where usually celebrity men answer random questions from readers looking for advice about relationships.

This month it was Ben Lee (that Australian singer and current/former (?) boyfriend of Claire Danes)

As someone from Brooklyn who also has a penchant for skinny scenester boys,I thought this one was good:

Q: I suspect the guy I'm dating has a mild eating disorder, but I think it's cute that he's so skinny. Am I a terrible person?

A: You're not a terrible person, but it sounds like you might be suffering from an indie-rock fetish. Try removing all those pins from you bag, giving away your Death Cab for Cutie albums and getting some sun. Don't worry, there is hope.

Thanks a lot Ben Lee... (who, might I add, is pictured wearing a hoodie under a blazer... ahem).