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.... residents of the WB and the LES... these two girls are trouble of the best kind. armed with two slightly retarded cats, a hot pink electric toothbrush, and a love of free imbibing, typically they will be found inhaling asbestos and second hand smoke in the dankest (that's a word right..) of bar basements in often highly successful attempts to lure boys into purchasing them pre-dawn breakfast feasts. sometimes they may fight amongst themselves, but only out of the kind of love two people who once shared a room the size of your bathroom and managed never to kill each other can have. and even in the worst of times, it's never anything a little gatorade and a newlyweds nick and jessica vomit inducing tivoed marathon can't cure.

oh, and did i mention they're hot? don't ask about the "pig face" though. that's only for really special people.

like this fellow. see how she's trying to lick his eyeball in celebration of him turning 23? what a lucky guy!

happy birthday george!