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pining for pineapple

pining for pineapple

I was literally wandering around a store last week, carrying a pineapple tote bag, holding a pineapple cellphone case in my hand and picked up another pineapple tote and asked a store associate "is there such a thing as... too much pineapple?" I think she felt obligated to tell me no but regardless - I am on a pineapple kick right now and I'm not alone. A few things to love about pineapples: they look really weird - yet cool - like edible art and so much snazzier than a bowl full of boring ass lemons. They represent sunshine and bright happy places - summer time! Whee! And they also taste fucking delicious of course but now you can basically find pineapple EVERYTHING - even things you didn't know you needed. I'm going on a pineapple overload and I give zero happy fucks. 

Above are some items on my pineapple-tastic wish list. 

1. Pineapple tote bag 
2. Pineapple phone case 
3. Pineapple stud earrings
4. Pineapple art print
5. Pineapple doormat 

TGIF: Surfer Blood cover "Hey Ya"

Misun - After Me (video)

Misun - After Me (video)