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The I Rock I Roll Holiday Gift Guide 2014

The I Rock I Roll Holiday Gift Guide 2014

Throughout the year, I find a lot of things on the internet that I love (I am a Pinterest junkie) and I am always on the look out for the perfect gifts for friends of mine from funny to foodie and everything in between. This year I have decided to pull together this quick gift guide for you - if you're looking for a last minute gift perhaps something here will either work perfectly or spark your imagination. Tis the season to show the ones you love how much you care, or how much you know they love Beyonce and pizza. 

1. Rosy Rings Blackberry Fig Candle - it may sound odd, but I swear by anything fig scented and this candle is absolutely delicious. I picked one up on my trip to Portland this fall and burned through it so quickly I plan on stocking up pronto. 
2. Kale Sweatshirt - Rep your inner love of trendy leafy greens and all things Queen Bey with the coolest sweatshirt around. I'm getting these for my whole family (whether they like it or not - my dad is gonna be STOKED)
3. The Hungoevr Cookbook - Because sometimes leaving the house to go to brunch is just not a thing
4. Less Whine More Wine Tee - Life mottos make great t-shirts
5. Moccasin Slippers - I picked up a pair of these for Thanksgiving and they are not only affordable but oh so comfy. I may also have worn them out of the house a few times because I have no shame. 

6. Cats in sweaters 2015 wall calendar - cats are cool, but cats in sweaters are cooler
7. It's Five O'Clock Somewhere Gift Pack from Mouth - Because it probably IS five o'clock somewhere and someone needs to make you a cocktail STAT. 
8. Leopard Print Coat - Because leopard is still in style. Because big pimpin. Just because. 
9. Good Morning Asshole Mug - I gifted this to a few friends last year and also picked up one for myself. It also has a bird on it. 
10. Temporary Food Tattoos - I've been contemplating getting a pizza tattoo for a while now - but I am also a wuss. Rep your snackwave with non-permanent pride. 

11. Oh Shit It's You Again doormat - people love funny doormats (ask my friend Molly) and you know we've all been there
12. Soap & Glory Smoothie Star Body Buttercream - what about the name of this product does NOT sound like something you would want to slather all over your body. Not to mention it smells like delicious baked goods (mainly almondy vanilla) and isn't greasy. If your date or s/o tries to bite you, I say just go with it. 
13. Tiny Beautiful Things by Cheryl Strayed - if I had powers like Oprah I would get every person I know to read this book - it was a huge factor in my decision to pack up my life and move across the country to San Francisco and Cheryl Strayed is one of my favorite humans. Her advice is straight up, honest, and not cheesy. READ THIS NOW. 
14. Pizza Pizza Pizza tshirt - Because some of us love pizza but most of us can't realistically pull off a pizza onesie
15. Pendleton blanket with leather carrier - While I was also in Portland I decided to make the investment in this amazing park blanket. The weather in San Francisco affords more outdoor activity than I have ever been accustomed to previously and this makes having a solid, comfy and easy to transport blanket a must (previously I was using top sheets and a table cloth for this - no bueno). Plus Pendleton is a classic that never goes out of style and you will totally impress your lumbersexual boyfriend. 

16. Stevie Nicks - Bella Donna on vinyl - The original queen of the selfie had quite a year, and this record is amazing from beginning to end. If not this, consider these Stevie Wicks prayer candles (yes, really)
17. Deconstructed Chicago style hotdog print - I found these vendors at a local craft fair and they have a ton of fun deconstructed prints but this happens to be my personal favorite. 
18. Ryan Gosling Coloring Book - coloring books aren't just for kids anymore (they also have a Channing Tatum version if that's more your flavor)
19. Rocksbox Membership - my favorite jewelry "rental" service that keeps me in good baubles year round for just $19 bucks a month
20. SOL REPUBLIC Punk wireless bluetooth speaker - because they pay my rent, but also because this speaker is super portable, sounds great, and is tough enough that I probably won't break it - which in my life is the key to most tech purchases. 


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