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Rocksbox Review (guess what, it actually does Rock)

Rocksbox Review (guess what, it actually does Rock)


The fact of the matter is, I have a love/hate relationship with jewelry. I am a very difficult person to buy jewelry for. Seriously, pity the man who ever has to buy me a diamond of any kind (hahahahaha... I know, unlikely). I am just very particular and if we're being honest, I have secretly hated every. piece. of jewelry an ex has ever given me. Sorry guys, this is just the sad truth. Aside from that, however, I just have also never been someone who likes to spend a lot of money on jewelry primarily because I also have no idea where to find things I like (maybe this is where the guys ran into trouble also heh) and when I do just don't know if the cost is justified. I basically have one simple necklace I wear on a daily basis that goes with everything I own, a few cheap rings from H&M and the like, a nice watch that I wear to death and I've bought a few other "statement" pieces that I wear once in a blue moon when I feel like being fancier than usual (which is not particularly often). 

Taking all of these factors into consideration, I think it's pretty clear why this new "jewelry rental" service called Rocksbox struck my fancy so-to-speak. Essentially how it works is you pay a flat monthly rate to subscribe, answer some questions about your tastes and select some photos, and they send you a box about a week or so later with three pieces in it. Hate them all? Shove those puppies in a pre-paid envelope they provide and mail them back and you get another box with three new items about week later, rinse and repeat as often as you want - like Netflix for jewelry. Love em? Wear them as much as you want as long as you are a member, collect all the compliments, and then either part with them to get new stuff OR buy one or all at a 20% discount. 

So all of this sounds cool, and I decided to take the plunge, but I have to say my experience with other similar via mail services... never quite hit the mark for me in terms of matching my taste (re: hard to please) or I would often end up feeling pressured into buying something to make the experience worth my time. My first Rocksbox took about two weeks to arrive, and I essentially held my breath as I opened the package and untied the pink bow on my first box - and then pretty much immediately FREAKED OUT in excitement because everything in the box was 1. completely, shockingly my taste and 2. gorgeous (and then 3. I was like oh man I want to buy all of these things uhoh). 

rocksbox gorjana necklace

The stylist who put my box together named Tara noted that in my style survey I took when I signed up that I had indicated I liked a Gorjana necklace seemed pretty in line with my style so she had built a set around that piece and I have to say she did a pretty stellar job. Nothing in my box cost more than around 70 dollars with the 20% discount (the lowest priced item is a Kristine Lily black druzy ring at $38) and the quality of the items is great - I noted before signing up that they work with a few designers I've actually heard of and have put in my Shopbop cart only to abandon because I just couldn't commit). There was also a Margaret Elizabeth bracelet in my box that I probably never would have picked out for myself but have worn every single day since the box arrived.  

I give Rocksbox an A+ so far and suggest you try it out also via this handy referral link if you don't mind. 

I was in no way paid or asked by Rockbox to write this review, I am just really happy with their service and wanted to tell people about it. Seriously! 

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