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OMG this new Cold Cave Album. Cherish The Light Years. You guys.

I already really liked the last Cold Cave album. Lots. It was especially good for when I was in a particular gothy mood (maybe it's raining, but I don't feel like crying or wallowing, or maybe I"m just wearing a goth poncho and hanging out on a beach drinking a pina colada.. you know how that goes, right?. Is that actually the principle that new wave was founded on? Probably? I digress...).

But back to the subject at hand: OH MAN if I thought their debut Love Comes Close was the perfect gothwave mood-setter, Cold Cave's new release Cherish The Light Years is NEXT LEVEL. From the first 10-15 seconds of hitting the play button on opening track "The Great Pan Is Dead," my mouth was hanging open aghast as a wave of complete epicness washed over me and didn't let up for the entire four minutes of electronic bliss. Nor was I disappointed as the rest of the LP played out with track after track of sonic emotional outpourings - there is nothing tepid here in either production or context.

Cold Cave - The Great Pan Is Dead


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