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OMG WOW. new Morning Theft album - FREE!

I feel like this has been 83975892735 years in my indie rock dreams in the making, but now it is here and I could not possibly be more stoked to get this album. as anyone who has read this blog for the past 4+ (holy crap) years knows, Morning Theft are one of my favorite favorite favorite NYC bands. They make no muss or fuss straight up great alternative rock and roll without all the hype and gimicks, that take me back to a happy music place circa the early 90s.

And starting today, as an example of their super awesomeness, they are offering their new album "Between Walls" for FREE DOWNLOAD on their website, so just browse over here and enjoy.

Oh and as if that wasn't cool enough, they are also running a contest where you can win a FREE NINTENDO Wii... since they refused to just hand it over to me, sadly.

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