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The Horrors: NEW ALBUM. I love this.

When they first emerged onto the scene a few years ago, I was definitely not a huge fan of UK band The Horrors. I thought they were too unpolished, unfocused and overly styled to say the least. Sure they had an interesting look (don't even get me started on the number of teenage girls with Tumblr accounts devoted entirely to photographic imagery of these boys), but their musical output just didn't seem to have the same prowess. I went to see them live once, at Pianos, and ended up leaving about halfway through while one of them was attempting to dangle from a pipe on the ceiling.

However, bands can always evolve and when Primary Colours was released in 2008 I found myself very pleasantly surprised upon first listen and several tracks quickly became regularly repeated favorites. This all brings us to today, when I am writing to tell you that the first single from The Horror's third release, Skying (out in the US on July 26th) is completely excellent.

Check it out below and keep fingers crossed that the rest of this effort is of this quality. It looks like the Horrors have grown up quite nicely indeed.

The Horrors - Still Life

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