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Music Monday: Halves

I can't even tell you how many "weekly" features I have attempted on this blog, to little avail. But I am not a quitter, that is for sure. So I'm going to try to bring you something new that I'm digging and will try to do it every Monday and well.. LET'S JUST SEE, SHALL WE!

Today we have Dublin based band Halves, who self-released their debut album It Goes, It Goes (Forever & Ever). The reason for this pick is first because I walked into my office this morning and the first thing I thought was "ugh it's snowing and it's the holidays and I'm still half asleep... I want to listen to something droning and ambient and pretty - and this album is certainly all of those things. Perfect to put on when it's dark at 4:30pm and your seasonal effective disorder desperately requires its own soundtrack.

The sample track below features guest vocals from Amy Millan of Stars/Broken Social Scene, check it out.

Halves - Growing & Glow

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