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sunny weekend, rainy monday

Well obviously postponing my beach trip until today was a bad idea. Oops. Luckily most of my weekend was spent either in the sun or inside a cool (or maybe not so cool) movie theatre (BATMAN... Christian Bale... mmmm). Going in backwards order from that... yesterday I watched the first gay pride parade I have ever been to from a balcony overlooking 5th avenue. Drinking corona and the obligatory wine coolers while watching many mostly naked people dancing on rainbow colored floats to every variety of cheesy house/tecno music is a GREAT way to spend your Sunday, let me tell you. Even the guys from Queer Eye and Hillary Clinton turned out, and it was a good time.

Saturday night was the insane fun that was Barbara's birthday. I loved Barbara's birthday because not only is she a super fun girl and good friend, but she's also one of the few people I know (aside from members of Surefire) who is younger than I am. We had dinner in the TREEHOUSE at Dumont in Williamsburg and then booked it over to Movida where I DJed for a little over an hour. The promoters told me the party was supposed to be "dance rock" although the crowd was def more "bridge and tunnel mainstream-esque" but I played some of my favorites anyways and danced around in the weird eyeball room where the DJ setup is. I know that sounds sort of weird but I think you have to see it to really understand. So the weekend was fun albiet tiring, and though I totally missed Tegan and Sara and New Pornographers, I didn't really have time or energy to care that much.

This week I think I might actually end up seeing Billy Corgan afterall, so I will let you know how that goes. And I have two dj gigs but it's raining and my cat is whining for attention so since I'm not at the beach I'm going to go do that instead.


who says it's too hot to dance? pssh.