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Today has been one of the most productive days maybe of my entire life, so to celebrate I wanted to blog TWICE IN ONE DAY. Last night I went to see Autolux at Bowery Ballroom, and before they went on I was trying to figure out the last time I even saw them live. I'm pretty sure it was at Coachella in 2005, and then I read that they haven't released an album in SIX YEARS so that pretty much makes sense. And THEN I was thinking about what the hell I was doing six years ago... aside from being unemployed, starting this blog and hanging out at LIT... I don't even know. But I am very glad Autolux is back in my (now very different) life, after giving it all that thought.

They put out this new album, Transit Transit, earlier this month. I might not be totally enamored with it, but it's growing on me for sure.

Check out this tune and go see them at MHOW tomorrow night.

Autolux - Supertoys

(Photo by the lovely Abbey Braeden)


Seriously, you guys. Young The Giant!