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Oh man, these songs have been stuck in my head all day, from Brooklyn band Shark? and yes they spell it with a question mark at the end. Although if you ASK someone "shark?" it probably means you are about to get eaten by one.

Anyways, these low-fi tracks are the dopeness, like I want to put on a black beret a turtle neck and do some groovy art-house dance to them while I smoke some cloves (I will never do this, because I am a terrible dancer, haven't smoked a clove since my roommate tricked me into it when i was a freshman in college, and I look way bad in turtlenecks, but this is just the effect I'm going for). I bet this music would be fun to listen to on shrooms also. God this is a great review, I hope my dad reads it (hi dad!).

In essence, listening to the shark? album "Noise Maker" makes me write stuff like this blog entry. Get on that train:

Shark? - (I Don't Believe In) Miracles

Shark? - Let's Roll

They will be at SXSW! Sahweet.

2 Legit To Quit Yeasayer (video for One)