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2 Legit To Quit Yeasayer (video for One)

Yeasayer "ONE" By: Radical Friend from ODDBLOOD on Vimeo.

Can we talk about this Yeasayer video for "One" please? First of all, I love this song. A lot. I love the whole album. LOVE IT. And this video... it's pretty crazy. I mean it has morphing head guy, and he's going to a party that is basically like the Shank but with more laser cats and a sparkle cage match. And Yaysayer is there and they are playing what appear to be sex toys and a crystal simon:

Then people wearing MC Hammer pants do a dance, a girl drinks an apple tini (in williamsburg! really?) and morphing head guy plays some game from the future with a bunch of people who look like extras from Party Monster. And really, why is this guy at the party in the first place? Did he RSVP to a retweet from the Fader Fort? Because that shit, my friends, will get you banned from fun for life.

In short, watch this video.

And listen to the song

Yeasayer = One

Tally Hall featuring Casey Shea live at Rockwood Music Hall