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It's a snow day here i NYC, and penguins like snow, so there you have my tie-in for today. Pow! No but seriously I am loving Penguin Prison, as opposed as I am to jailing penguins as they are far too cute for that, because this is pop music at it's goddamn best. Try not to dance your ass off to "A Funny Thing" - I dare you. People keep name dropping Hot Chip and the Jackson 5 in press releases, which I guess, makes sense... more the Hot Chip part than the Jackson 5 song (are they forever attached to ANY good pop song just by default? is this like when rock bands tell me they sound like "Radiohead meets The Beatles?" Like... really?). Whatever, either way I really think this is something I need to see live before making a final comparison call - it depends on how much fucking dancing he does.

Or we can look to the genre slayer him self, Girl Talks Gregg Gillis who said: “With almost any band, you can easily point to their influences and contemporaries, but I really don’t know anyone doing the same thing as him. It’s radio-worthy pop made by a completely sincere and normal dude.”

So there you have it, and I LOVE IT.

Penguin Prison aka Chris Glover has a EP out now on Neon Gold and an album coming out soon-ish called The Worse It Gets.

Penguin Prison - Funny Thing

Penguin Prison - Something I'm Not


girl you know it's true: SXSW Showcase!