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Local Likes (Real Estate and Freelance Whales)

Apologies for the lack of updates last week - had some technical difficulties here (ie: not being able to access any of my music online for like four days and subsequently having a mini-life breakdown). but now all is back up and running, so here are two bands that I have been listening to forever and neglecting to write about - it happens!

First up: Real Estate Finally got to check them out live for the first time last week at a slam-packed Brooklyn Bowl. Seriously I have never ever seen that venue more crowded (although it WAS a free show, and I didn't attend those Dan Deacon shows over the summer). Opener Babies (a combo of members of Woods and Vivian girls) were fun pop-punk with girl/boy dueling vocals that - while being very off-key sometimes to a cringeworthy degree - managed to still be totally enjoyable to watch and bop along to. I'd probably even like them more if I knew the songs better. Real Estate launched into their set with Beach Comber, by far their catchiest tune and then played a nice mellow set - perhaps a little too mellow at times as it was crowded, warm, and I found myself just wanting to cuddle up and have some nap time. Still, I love heart that mellow-ness, like a warm blanket.... or something.

They are playing again on Friday with Beach Fossils and The Beets and then take off on a European jaunt which brings them back to Brooklyn for a March 12th show at MHOW.

Real Estate - Beach Comber

Real Estate - Fake Blues

So seriously, shoot me for not having written about this band before. Freelance Whales might not have a steady job or health insurance (see what I did there), but fuck they are awesome. It only took one listen to "Generator (First Floor)" - actually maybe I got half way through the song, before I declared THIS IS GREAT. And lately I've been having a hard time loving things with that sort of immediacy, so I was pretty stoked. They have opened for bands like Fanfarlo (yayyy) and their debut LP Weathervanes, sure to be filled with dreamy, layered goodness, is out on March 16h on Frenchkiss records (btdubbs Frenchkiss is putting out so much amazing shit lately - Antlers, Passion Pit, ftw).

Catch Freelance Whales on January 20th at Mercury Lounge with Still Life Still.

Freelance Whales - Generator (First Floor

Freelance Whales - Hannah

(top photo by Ryan Muir)


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