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Happy New Year Happy New Music!!!!! - Via Audio

It's 2010! On NYE my boyfriend kept asking people what year it was, and they would tell him and then he would hug them. All of them. It was adorable (albiet somewhat time consuming). He is very excited for this year, and so am I - mostly because of all the SWEET NEW MUSIC that is going to be released. For example, I totally forgot that Arcade Fire is putting on a new album, which fills me with hope for LIFE. That is a good feeling.

Today I'm previewing another new release from one of my long time-ish local faves, Via Audio. I originally posted about them three years ago before they released their debut LP, 2007's Say Something. That album, like the upcoming Animalore, was produced by Jim Eno of Spoon and was chock full of quirky indie pop - although judging from the sample track below it seems like maybe they have gone a bit more disco? Either way, "Babies" is a super fun tune, featuring the chorus: "I know the world is overcrowded, but i wanna make babies with you" - is that fucking romantic or WHAT.

Check it out - Animalore is out March 9th (my birthday! wahoo!) on Undertow.

Via Audio - Babies

They will also be playing at Union Hall with Pattern Is Movement (SICK SHOW ALERT) on February 25th and will appear at SXSW.

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