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Fun Facts with Lissy Trullie

Fact #1: Lissy Trullie is cooler than me.
Fact #2: Lissy Trullie is probably also cooler than you (sorry).
Fact #3: Lissy Trullie is way talented, writes sexy new wave-y rawk songs and sings them with some seriously smoldering vocals.
Fact #4: Lissy Trullie has an album out now called "Self Taught Learner" on Downtown Records. You should probably go download it on itunes like.. right now.
Fact #5: Lissy Trullie is playing a show at Mercury Lounge on Monday, December 14th that you should go to.
Fact#6: I am djing at the show.

Here are the songs. Happy weekend.

Lissy Trullie - Self-Taught Learner

Lissy Trullie - Don't To Do

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