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new lily allen - the fear

Hi guys. Oh man. December is so crazy. Everyone puts out top ten lists. Everyone has holiday parties. I am doing both of those things actually (top ten list soon ish, holiday party december 17th more info TBA). In the meantime, I'm gonna upload my blog with some things that I like.

First of all, I used to not like Lily Allen. I have no idea why now. I'm sure there was some sound reasoning behind it, but regardless she has totally grown on me. I just read an interview with her in Nylon and she came across as so endearing and her songs are somehow totally fluffy and yet totally smart at the same time, which I think is hard to pull off (girl, I want a fuckload of diamonds too).

Here's the cute video for "The Fear" her second single off her new album.

Lily Allen - The Fear

It’s Not Me, It’s You (so true) is coming out available February 9th


Everyone’s At It
The Fear
It’s Not Fair
I Could Say
Go Back To the Start
Never Gonna Happen
Fuck You
Who’d’ve Known
He Wasn’t There

no one sings the blues like Kermit!