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light your shoegaze on fire : autodrone

Sometimes I think that shoegaze music might be the perfect accompaniment ever to autumn/winter weather in new york. And the dark and soothing tones produced by local NYC band Autodrone on their debut album, Strike A Match completely fit this bill.

At times haunting and at other times crushingly huge, Autodrone's intricate songs float gracefully along the surface and then attack when you least expect in an almost devastating way. Their album kind of makes you want to put on an oversized flannel and cry about an ex-boyfriend, and then lace up some doc martens and go kick his ass afterwards (yay 90s rock).

The band will celebrate the release of Strike A Match tomorrow night (Thursday) at the Annex, at 10pm.

Autodrone - Final Days

Autodrone - Strike A Match

tomorrow night - HOT DAMN @ Public Assembly