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white lies. white lies. white lies. have got a hold on me.

Apparently this band has played Lollapalooza and been all over the place, and I don't know where I was but I missed it. I can't win them all I suppose, right? Actually, when I was djing the Glasvegas show this weekend, the lovely Elhaam came over and asked me to play White Lies, and I didn't have any and I was like... that seems wrong. They are, after all, everything I love in a dark moody british band.

So now I am head over heels for this song of course! And the band is going on tour with Glasvegas (how appropriate!). But first they have two CMJ shows, one at the Ben Sherman Store on Oct 23rd, and then at Bowery on the 24th.

White Lies - Death

this side up, i rock i roll & filter magazine present: MUSICAL CHAIRS, FREE CMJ DAY PARTY!

chairlift TONIGHT, rachael tomorrow