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Pretty & Nice = Awesome & Fun.

I have to first say, that if you are going to describe a girl as "pretty and nice," I probably would be like "ZZzzzzz." It's like the difference between the "simple" girls and the katie girls (your girl is lovely hubble... you know). Fortunately there is NOTHING dull about the BAND Pretty & Nice.

Infact, this Boston trio are more like super fun garage band times - I mean basically when I listen to their songs, I want to do EXACTLY what this girl on their album art is up to:

Except probably not in that outfit unless I was in some retro 50s beach movie.

"Get Young" is out right now on

Hardly Art

. Pretty and Nice are playing the

CMJ day party

that I am putting on with Filter and This Side Up @ Rehab, and they are on at noon. And it's TOTALLY FREE.

Pretty & Nice -

Tora Tora Tora

Pretty & Nice -

Grab Your Nets


After The Jump Fest - CMJ BABY!!!