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shiny toy guns heart their fog machine

I'm going to take a break from listening to the new Interpol album obsessively to tell you what I did Monday night -- i went to see Shiny Toy Guns at Highline Ballroom. I lam a big fan of this band, which may be surprising to some since their style is very divergent from what I spent the majority of my time listening to/obsessing over. Regardless, their energy and devotion to their fans is infectious and while their rise has been slow I think there are great things to come from this Los Angeles based band. Their live show that I saw on Monday was vastly more impressive than anything I had seen from them previously (I've seen this band perform in venues ranging from a tiny studio the size of my bedroom to opening for the Sounds at Webster Hall). Most notable was their seriously vamped up light show, which featured a LOT, and i mean A LOT of fog.

I also really enjoyed openers, the moody rockers The Hourly Radio (who I have seen several times and always enjoy) and Stars of Track and Field who I have never seen before but was very impressed with.

Shiny Toy Guns will be bouncing around the US and Europe on a tour that has dates stretching through til NOVEMBER, so def. check them out if you have the chance, even if it may go against your "indie rock" inclinations. After all this I hope those kids get some much needed rest, since singer Carah Faye already seemed a bit fatigued on Monday, but they still always manage to deliver a great show.

Shiny Toy Guns - Stripped (Depeche Mode cover)

Stars of Track and Field - Say Hello


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