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i'm sure about sure juror, now it's your turn.

so as you can see from the post below, i'm one of the fabulous group of bloggers hosting all of the upcoming NYC performances by the band Sure Juror. here are a few things i think you need to know which will hopefully convince you to come to this show.

1. there are like a BILLION people in this band. or maybe 8 i think (photo in this post is clearly inaccurate but all i had). something around there. that is still a lot of people, which means a LOT of awesome sound.

2. they are all cute guys. cute YOUNG guys.

3. they make great music. seriously, i love talented young people. they are the future of music.

4. i'm going to bring some candy. and who doesn't love free candy???

5. i will be there, with the aformentioned candy, so you can hang out with me and maybe we can all get together and do some tequila shots.

6. this is only their THIRD new york show. so you can be one of those too cool for school people who can say you saw them way back when. what's up indie cred (i have none, but you probably have lots).

so come to this show, SATURDAY NIGHT. PIANOS. YOU KNOW WHERE THAT IS. yay!

Sure Juror - Thank You In Advance