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wasted little djs

Tonight I guess I'm going to throw my hat into the hype circus ring and check out the latest overseas import "The View" (not to be confused with the Barbara Walters fronted morning gab-fest of the same name on ABC, which this blog in no way endorses as a way to spend your time). So far I've been able to find a few mp3s from their forthcoming album Hats Off To The Buskers and my immediate opinion was a general "MEH" with a bit of Arctic Monkeys "lite" thrown in for good measure. They do use a harmonica though, and I am pretty fond of that.

Maybe they will blow me away tonight though. I mean they ALSO have a song called "Wasted Little Djs" which could feasibly be about Nora and Rachael and a bottle of vodka... you never know. And they have floppy hair, which Rach really likes a lot so.. we shall see.

I have no idea what the ticket situation is like for tonight or tomorrow, but try to catch them. The Diggs open for them tomorrow also.

The View - Wasted Little DJs

The View - Same Jeans

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