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blue monday

tonight I went to check out DeVotchKa, because I missed them at the last Day After Party, and they were just excellent. I told the people I was with that I wish there had been a bed for me to crawl into at Mercury Lounge, because they would be the perfect music to lay in bed and smoke cigarettes while listening to.

this weekend I had the pleasure of seeing Surefire, who played without a doubt their best show ever. The Hook is a really random venue out in the MIDDLE OF NOWHERE. Seriously if I hadn't had two other people with me when the bus dropped us off, I would have scrambled back on because it was such a creepy vacant area. But I'm glad that I came out, because Dennis opened with a beautiful set, with a much better audience than he had at the Asobi Seksu party earlier this month. I personally LOVE his cover of Interpol's "NYC" even though he apparently things people think he's a jerk to cover it. Something about hearing it done in such a stripped down simple manner really gets to me though, I adore it.

The best surprise of the evening was when Surefire joined Dennis onstage for the last two songs of his set and they just blew everyone away. Such fantastic music, Matt and I were literally standing there with our mouths hanging open saying "Holy shit" when it was all said and done. Afterwards we went to a great party with a cheese platter and chocolate bunnies, which always equals a good time.

Now I'm tired though. Tired and coughing. And tomorrow night I'm DJing at Pianos... so I must be healthy and ready to rock out. Hope to see you there!!!