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no sleep, more bands

This weather is absolutely no good. Even the jokes about Noah's Arc and what not just aren't funny anymore. And yet somehow, as far as I can recall, I have been going to shows every night this week, though everyone around me seems to be dropping like flies with one illness or another. Still... literally every time my friend Rob asks me what I'm doing that night, my response has been "going to see band, obviously..." I'm just a glutton for punishment, so here's my recap.

While Monday escapes me, Tuesday I went to see the much talked about Army of Me at Mercury Lounge. Their EP has been getting some heavy rotation at my work cubicle lately, and while perhaps more straightforward I'd say than a lot of what I listen to most of the time, I can't help but love this band and the seemingly effortless and yet totally engaging performance delivered by frontman Vince (who, according to Josh of the Upwelling is also one of the nicest guys ever... I concur). So yes, I enjoyed.

Yesterday I went to see Panic! at the Disco for work, once again kind of musically uncharacteristic of me. But hey, this band is basically a little hyperactive mini-Killers and the kids LOOOOOOOOOOOVE them. Their frontman (I'm all about the frontmen lately I guess, but honestly having a good one is in many ways a make or break as far as I'm concerned) is Pele from the Hives meets Brandon Flowers, with a really great animated stage presence. I'm mostly just a sucker for a cool band name, and they at the very least have that.

So I guess I've been kind of emo lately? Maybe. With this weather, can you blame me? I even went to see the Diggs last night though I should have been in bed. Their LP is going to be done next month. LP, not EP as previously reported here, so get even MORE excited.

Tomorrow we return to our regularly schedued indie rock with a stellar lineup at Mercury Lounge featuring "five bands Nora hasnt' seen but has always meant to" which include Aberdeen City, my obsession of a week or so ago Levy and the Head Set among others.

Have a listen..

Aberdeen City - Sixty Lives

Levy - On The Dance Floor

Ohhh crap. Instead of going straight home after work tonight, you should go to Sin-e at 7pm for a free Beat Radio show. Did I mention that it's FREE? Well, it's FREE.

Beat Radio - Treetops

My bed really misses me I think.

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