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beautiful from far away

Lately, while everyone has been basically creaming themselves over the new Arcade Fire tracks (and, like myself, bemoaning the lack of available tickets to their upcoming New York shows), I've been digging through my iTunes/memory for some new music that has perked up my ears in 2007.

One such act is an NYC quartet that Ryan took me to see right before the holidays called Bridges and Powerlines. Their live show at Pianos that night showcased some really great vocal harmonies, which I found really impressive and think is the band's standout strongsuit. They have a five track self titled ep of their power pop/rock (occasionally jangly and sometimes, dare I say, even a little bit emo - like the track "Mumbles" which has been stuck in my head for DAYS now) songs out now and several upcoming NYC shows, including one on the 13th at Trash Bar that I would say are certainly worth checking out.

Bridges and Powerlines - Carmen

Bridges and Powerlines - Mumbles

In other news, the View show last week was pretty much "meh" in my mind and I could have taken it or left it. Rachael enjoyd them and their floppy hair and agreed with me that the lead singer looked to be about 12 years old. We discussed the band and the show on the Blog Show last week, and their shortcomings in compared to similiar acts like the Arctic Monkeys, so incase you missed that you should go tune in.

HOWEVER, the band did appear on the friggin cover of the arts section of the New York Times, who also attended the same show that we went to.


this song describes how i'm feeling today

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