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the big big big things

A year ago tomorrow, I "dubbed" the Changes the next big thing, and I just finished listening to them on WOXY and I have to say I think they have exceeded everyone's expectations this year, including my own. Love you guys and congrats on all the success! Let's get buffalo wings and cheese fries when I get home for the holidays, yes?

And on a personal note, it appears that I (somehow, inexplicably) have been nominated for a Free Indie Award for "Best Blog." Awwww! Thanks so much to whomever nominated me, and my competition is pretty hardcore so maybe you guys could go vote for me when you have a sec? Woo!

In honor of this and my um... THIRD year of blogging, I've been trying to compile a "best songs of 2006" list, but I'm really not good at that kind of thing. We shall see. With as much music as I listen to, it's just hard to narrow it down!

The Changes - Water Of The Gods

i missed the shins and i'm glad they are back

brain freeze just from being outside