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ain't no party

Between listening to Tally Hall obsessively and eating James Blunt's buffalo wings, I haven't really had a lot of time to blog this week.

If you go into Tiny's Giant Sandwich shop, you can hear a CD that I made for my friend Kevin who runs the joint. I titled it "Tiny's Giant Mix CD" because I am original like that.

The second track on the mix is by Ghostland Observatory. They were here a week or two ago, and though it had been a year at least since I had last seen them, the unmistakable awesome was still blatantly there. This band is just one huge party, except it's only two of them.Pigtails and perhaps the tighest pants in rock and roll. I know that's not a complete sentence, but I'm tired today. Here's a really bad photo that I took at the show, followed up a really GOOD song for you to download. Because I love you like that.

Ghostland Observatory - Sad Sad City

get out your hotpants