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revisiting old friends

Saturday night I experienced my first Tiswas at The Annex (which was REALLY fun, so much that we left and came back again because everywhere else was lacking - and is it just me or does the newly finished basement make you feel like you're inside a boat?), which also marked my reunion with a band I have loved ever since they were called another name. Every time I see Saints and Lovers my mind is spontaneously blown and this was absolutely no exception. I'm not sure how nearly a year went by since I last saw them, but I certainly won't be letting that happen again. The time the band have been spending in the studio clearly has paid off considering their set of what seemed like almost entirely new songs.

Saints + Lovers - Like It Was Yesterday

Last night at their Boston show with Snowden, Rob from Morning Theft picked up a copy of the band's new album, entitled Anti-Anti and imd me this morning to rave about it. I can't wait to hear it.

Lucky for me, the band are in town for two shows, one tonight at Arlene's Grocery at 10pm and then tomorrow at Southpaw.

Snowden - China Light

my screamo dream come true

i'm knocking at your door