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fear of music

Apparently based on some comments left on my blog, I only like British band who all sound exactly the same. I don't think that that is true, and the same could be said of anyone who prefers one genre of music over another. Anyways, here's one export who def don't sound like the rest. This band, Fear of Music, is made up of four YOUNG guys (seriously, the look like babies) from Manchester who sound like the Pixies meets Weezer (with a little Muse thrown in for good measure). With just an EP out overseas, the band have already been snatched up by Sony/BMG, so I wouldnt be too surprised if we're hearing a lot more of them soon.

Fear of Music - Skin and Bones

Stream more songs on their myspace

Also if you like pressing buttons and stuff, go and vote for the band of 2005 contest here. Although wasn't 2005 so last year?


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