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one of us is dead

I haven't had a lot to talk about lately. With getting ready for the roadtrip and Coachella and all, I've put music sort of on a backburner (since Coachella is musical overload as it is).

Moving on... the thing I want to talk about today is called a group called The Earlies. This half-british and half-texan transatlantic (no joke) four piece have an album out called These Were The Earlies that is a perfect mellow listen. Full of lush harmonies, electronics, psychedelia, and gorgeous instrumentation, this album is perfect for a rainy Sunday afternoon. Goes well with a cup of tea. That kind of thing. They recently played a few shows at SXSW, and hopefully will be returning stateside soon.

The Earlies : Wayward Song

The Earlies: 25 Easy Pieces

It should also be noted today that KEXP has all of last weeks live sessions in New York up and organized for easy listening. Go here

mah na mah na!

madison strays show + UK tour!!