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watch the least irish girl ever...

DJ on St Patricks Day!

Yep, so I'm going to be on the decks at Red and Black for a solid 6 hours while people around me get beyond wasted and wear silly amounts of green. Even the drink specials are appropriate...

$3 Guinness pints all nite (I can't drink the shit to save my life but I bet you like it!)

$5 Irish Carbs (my roommate - who is Greek - told me that this involves a shot of whiskey dropped into a pint of guinness? is this accurate? once again, something i would never drink but I'm sure you love it).

At least the limes in my vodka tonic will be green. work with me here...

so yeah, i'll be there at 10. Red and Black is at 135 N. 5th @ Bedford (that's in WILLIAMSBURG). i'll be playing um... a lot of Pogues, U2 and the Cranberries (just kidding..) and i'm not planning on drinking very much so if you come and say hi to me, I'll give you tons of my drink tickets ok? i'm so good to my alcoholic friends!

good video vs not so good video

a night to remember