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so the pope is driving in a car...

last night i went to the spin offices, drank something involving raspberry, pineapple and vodka but that smelled like apple, and watched a band that I have grown to lovelovelove, the Kaiser Chiefs, play a short but awesome set. i think Ricky is still recovering from whatever foot type injury he had so there was very little jumping crazyness going on, but he's such a charismatic front man that it didn't make much difference that they weren't as crazy as they were @ mercury lounge. They played a lot of my favorites, including "Oh My God" and "Everyday I Love you less and less" and "Born to be a Dancer."

Even the SEVENTH GRADERS seemed to love it. And who knew we were all so fashiony? Thanks Spin!

anyways, i have a little crunch on Ricky and his little hat. check out his diary section on their website, it's stupidly british and cute. ok that's all for now...

if you leave

gothing out