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so good to be here with you (or not...)

As if my non sxsw weekend couldn't get any tamer, Pilot to Gunner have cancelled their show at Rothko on Friday. For shame. Please reschedule or something, my brain hurts from lack of live musical stimulus.

So as a consolation prize, here's an mp3 (or two!) and a video.


Pilot to Gunner - It's So Good To Be Here In Paris
(try not to sing along. i dare you)

Pilot to Gunner - We Got Games At High Speeds
(some people told me the link i had before to this song didn't work, so i found you all another one. that's love, people.)

And here is the video for Barrio Superstarrio. It's quicktime I believe, and was shot at Coney Island in the dead of winter.

Buy their albums here.

dear morons at sony music,

a dutch kills transmission...