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although david byrne will probably not be there...

these are some great shows this weekend that you should check out:

Thursday: PS @ Mercury Lounge, 10pm. Lead singer Patrick Savage (besides being a Lloyd Dobbler doppelganger) has one of the most hauntingly beautiful and resonant voices I have ever heard. This fantastic quintet produces a wall of gorgeous sound that doesn't lend itself easily to comparison. Please come see for yourself.

Song: PS - Spelling

Saturday: The Cloud Room @ Tiswas, 11:30pm. I honestly think Jen may have said it best, "The Cloud Room = Awesome." Their song "Hey Hey Now" is so catchy and bouncy for me it just equals happiness. Plus as a bonus the fantastic DJs The Shut The Fuck Up (Michael and Arthur Stellastarr*) will be on the decks that night. Not to be missed!

Song: The Cloud Room - Hey Now Now

Sunday: After some buffalo wing munching and football (semi) observing upstairs @ Pianos on Sunday -- or wherever you watch the game/commercials, come to Pianos downstairs for a fantastic series of acoustic performances, featuring Nicole Atkins and Matt of the GoStation setting out for the first time on his own. Matt has already proven himself an accomplished guitar player on The GoStation's lively rock songs, so it will be interesting to see what he will produce in a more relaxed acoustic performance. Matt performs at 11.

PS, photographed by Jasper

a beautiful day in the neighborhood...

this must be the place