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Ok apparently today I'm only posting emails. Laziness abounds. But I will tell you that I am having an AWESOME day x10 happiness explosions. Yay!

But first a note from me: so this is in regards to Morning Theft. If you happen to live in any of these places, you should totally take these boys in. They are (pretty) clean, they will teach you eyeliner precision, they will probably share booze with you, and you get to hang out with PAT. Best ever. At the VERY least, go see them play if they come to a town near you!!! Or first BOOK them because they are so very awesome.

Here you go:

We're going on tour. and you know what that means. we need places to play, stay, shower, whatever.
here are the dates and where we plan on being.
see if you can help us fill them in.

Sun. 3/13 - VA.
Mon. 3/14 - NC
Tue. 3/15 - Atlanta, GA
Wed. 3/16 - Sun. 3/20 we will be at SXSW but are willing to play anything in addition to our gigs (parties, record stores, keggers etc...)
Mon. 3/21 - Birmingham
Tue. 3/22 - Memphis
Wed. 3/23 - Philly
Thu. 3/24 - jersey shore

We appreciate suggestions of course, but if you can actually help book these shows it would be greatly appreciated.
while we are looking for club gigs, we are open to any suggestions.

please contact

Thank you
-morning theft.

(photo by Couirey Eckmayer... hottness revealed)

i dream of ted leo. well, i did!

my favorite = dutch kills!