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my favorite = dutch kills!

email I got today from Nick of Dutch Kills:

Dutch Kills will be featured today at 11 AM and 6 PM EST on KEXP as "My New Favorite Band." "My" refers to John Richards, the station director and DJ of the very popular "John in the Morning Show." KEXP is one of
the most popular web radio stations on the planet, and won the 2004 "Webby" for Best Web Radio Station (plus it reaches some 50 billion some-odd hipsters in Seattle) so this is pretty cool for us, and we just thought
we'd let you all know because we're shameless braggarts. Anyway, if you aren't already glued to kexp each morning as I am, you might want to tune in today: that's dot org.

edit: OK, listening to them on the radio while at my desk just made me tear up a little bit. awww... yay!

Dutch Kills - Katherine (from their EP Nothing Was Ever The Same)
Dutch Kills - Anchor

my OTHER favorite...

january 24th sucks!