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diamonds in life magazine

Tonight is going to be some sort of television goodness explosion, with Alias finally returning after a new episode of another JJ Abrams series, Lost. I could not be more excited, except that I'm going to watch it TOMORROW. Oh well, thank god for tivo. If you are looking for some people to watch it with, however, look no further.

Today I know it's rainy, but come to Pianos anyways because A Place to Bury Strangers are playing, and we'll be having another fun night of Savvy upstairs, with guest DJ Matt of the GoStation and drink specials from 12-1.

It's rainy and cold and boring today, so I will cheer myself up and listen to Mew at my desk.

rob holmes says "OBVS!"

like omg brandon flowers is so hot and i want to give a shout out to....