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it's the smiling on the package

So... my exboyfriend's sister's boyfriend (it's a small world, afterall), photographer Charlie White, directed the latest Interpol video for 'Evil.' Here's a description:

Directed by photographer Charlie White, the clip marks the first time the photogenic band won't star in its own video. Instead, the protagonist will be a "Sesame Street"-style puppet created by the same animatronics wizards who worked on the films "Hellboy" and the forthcoming "Fantastic Four." Injured and barely alive following a tragic accident, the puppet "sings" the lyrics to "Evil" to dramatize the song's theme of losing one's self after a trauma. has the video up here. Also, here is a good article about Charlie from, which talks about one of his other photo series involving a puppet called "Joshua." Might give you more insite into where this video is coming from.

(Just a sidenote: I'm swamped at work and haven't even had a chance to watch this video yet, I just thought I'd throw this out there. So far, from what I've gathered it's so bad it's good it's bad with puppets who are "supposed" to look like Paul banks, but don't have any moles???? Ok whatever. I've never really liked an Interpol video to begin with).

(Sidenote part two: I finally got a chance to watch the video a few times. I have to admit that it's not really what I pictured when I think about a) interpol or b) the song "Evil", but I think it's absolutely different from the abundance of "performance videos" that everyone is doing these days - including the 'Slow Hands' video. So that's a good thing. And the puppet is actually cute, and I felt sorry for it.)

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