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the Holy Grail of music as seen here folks...

Surefire has a new smokin hot website up. Very nice looking, but I am not all together sure about some of the new bio. I love (love love LOVE) these guys, you know it, but here's an exerpt:

"Jaded stalwarts of the New York rock scene can all agree on one thing: rock 'n' roll sure ain't pretty. For these frequent concert-goers, the constant, helpless suffering through countless numbers of generic, uninspired bands is enough to make them entirely give up on the future of music. Yet night after night, these wounded warriors can be seen trolling through darkly lit clubs all around the city, in their relentless search for the Holy Grail of music: a band that can restore their faith that somewhere out there someone is still making music that can excite and inspire even their hollowed hearts.

My goodness!

Oh well, I'm just psyched for the new Surefire AIM icons. My hollowed heart won't give up on the future of music just yet, okay?

they have galaga!

oh ashlee, for shame!