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choose your own adventure

Music has taken over once again. Since we saw Franz Ferdinand @ Maxwells earlier this year, an experience that may never be duplicated really... we decided to go on over to Rothko tonight instead and see openers The Futureheads. We are v. excited about this. Between seeing Ben Kweller and Futureheads we will consume $1.99 Sparks (no foolin). Expect massive hyperness.

What can YOU do?

Go to a gallery and see artwork inspired by Interpol. I'm sure nothing will be quite as cool as our "this is spinal tap-esque concept video", but we'll let it go...

Stop by the Dark Room and say hi to Aaron the bartender. He's hot. We're not kidding.

Say hi to us too. We'll be the hyper girls on Sparks fighting over the jukebox. Whatever works.

Tomorrow go see The Upwelling rock once more at Mercury Lounge.

Then Saturday... ohhhhh Saturday. I'll tell you later. It's just that good, it needs its own post. I'm working @ a nature magazine today. Nature magazines are boring but they have nice plants in the office...

lucky little bastards

are you gonna be my talentless girl?