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i'm a dork and i like pink cupcakes too.

It's amazing to me how one person deciding to stop writing a weblog on the internet can incite such anger/emotion in people. Granted, I loved reading Sarah's weblog, and getting a chance to meet her and finding out that she really is a very genuine and cool person (which is honestly rare to find in NYC most of the time). It's just remarkable to me that people have so much time to spend posting stuff in her weblog that is just mean and insulting. Obviously it makes those people feel better about themselves in some way, but it just comes off as immature and petty. Her weblog wasn't about personal attacks or even really making a lot of bold claims or accusations, but that's what she got in return most of the time. Well whatever happened or happens, I'm just going to agree with what one person said because I think he/she said it best:

"Bottom line: if you're here reading a blog and posting, you're just as big of a dork as the rest of us. Get over your badass self."

congrats are in order!

damn big brother