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we love jonathan bennett

Mean Girls... so best. I loved this movie, because I have a girl(woman) crush on Tina Fey and Jonathan Bennett is... hottt. He's probably 16 or something right? Also, Lindsay Lohan's breasts should have their own agent. Jesus christ. But the BEST BEST BEST part was that this movie was supposedly set in my home town! Evanston, Illinois, represent! Seriously... all the Evanston name dropping, especially the Walker Brothers Pancake House bit (that place RULES, they have the best german apple pancake evs) was making me so homesick you wouldn't believe.

Oh look, because Oasis wasn't already tired of trying to be like the Beatles, now Ringo Starr's Son is going to be their drummer. Oh, and to certain people's dismay, apparently Noel is also a Franz Ferdinand fan. LIKE EVERYONE ELSE! How is that news???

Tonight, Stills @ Irving Plaza. Oh and someone please remind me to never ever ever drink the mango vodka @ Pianos ever again. That shit is potent in a bad way. Bad.

get off that 19 year old

pace yourself for me