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who doesn't love 16 year old redheads??

I've finally found a reason to watch American Idol, and that reason is John Stevens. Seriously, only this 16 year old Sinatra crooning red head can induce fits of squealing and cheering from myself and my also 22 year old roommate. We LOVE him, and he can SING, and not in a crazy annoying belty Kelly Clarkson karyoke-esqe kind of way that has become synonymous with American Idol contestants. He's different, and quiet and subdued and.. ok... REDHEADED AND CUTE!

Luckily tonight I am getting out of the house to go to an FHM party because a client at my old job is on the front cover, and they still like to invite me to things sometimes because... maybe they know how much I can appreciate an open bar. Should be a good time, even though I have to dress up and wear heels or something. So if you see a REALLY REALLY tall girl in Lit tonight, that's me, overdressed and drunk as hell.