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I cannot stress enough how much you (yes, you) should come to Brooklyn - Southpaw (125 5th Ave in Park Slope) to be exact - and check out Dutch Kills. They are playing tonight with Singapore Sling, a band from Iceland (brrr), and this show promises to be excellent.

Don't believe me? Here's what The Village Voice had to say:

"Iceland’s Singapore Sling create nicely messy guitar-noise
textures for Henrik Bjornsson to swoon over, drenching his Suicide-esque
choruses in six kinds of feedback and gritty neo-psychedelia. The near-emo Dutch
Kills shuffle between soft, pretty indie-pop and clamorous bloodletting. With
Another Blue Door."

I mean... c'mon people! Suicide-esque? Neo-psychedelia? NEAR EMO (but NOT emo), and clamorous bloodletting? What more could you ask for?